The “PneuBulk 1” ISO Pneumatic Tanks are designed by engineers specifically for the bulk powder market.  Fully compliant with U.S. Standards and Industry Safety Standards, the pneumatic tank features an internal pressurization and pneumatic load system, which allows products such as cement powder, lime and fly-ash to be transported intermodal over long distances, delivering immense cost savings to supply chains.  Approved by all statutory bodies and inspected by third party marine surveyors to ensure cleanliness and safety standards, you can be assured that our units are suitable for your cargo. PneuBulk 1 ISO Tanks are available for short or long term lease, to align your commitment to the time of your project, freeing up cash flow for use in other areas of your business.

PneuBulk 1©


  • Compliant with AAR, DOT, and all other applicable standards

  • Increased Health & Safety measures

  • Dual safety pressure relief valves

  • Fully ground operated

  • Reduced long-term maintenance

  • Unit can be used for either transport or onsite storage

  • Can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -2°F to + 176°F without affecting strength and tightness

  • Internal pressure equalization

  • Bottom pressure load feature