The PneuBulk 1 is the first ISO 9000 Bulk Pneumatic Container to be introduced into the United States that not only meets the ISO standards, but has been tested and approved by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) for U.S., Mexico, and Canadian intermodal use.  The flexibility of the container makes it adaptable to many different industries.
 1.      The unit can be shipped in the Intermodal system.
 2.      Can be used as long or short term storage.
 3.      Product such as Frac Sand, Catalyst, Oil Well Cement, Drilling Mud, and other           powdered bulk materials can be loaded directly into the container.
 4.      It can discharge with traditional blowers mounted on many U.S. trucks.
 5.      Tanks can be painted to your specifications and have customer’s logo.
 6.      The container has 800 cubic feet of storage capacity.

No more bags, silos, large tanker trucks, multiple handling, high use of manpower, and expensive storage and distribution.

With our new “Catalyst Management Option” PneuBulk 1 has the ability to hold vacuum up to 30” of water.
It can also include the “Thermal Option” that allows the container to be used up to 300 degrees F for use during a plant turnaround when you can’t wait for the FCC Catalyst to cool to ambient air temperature.
Catalyst Industry
 1. The PneuBulk 1 can be used to ship catalyst and store it on site until ready for use.
 2. Spent or E Cat can be vacuumed into the tank stored on site or shipped to processing or recycling facility.
 3. Storage charges for catalyst are minimal as your catalyst is stored in your tanks whether in route to a customer, being returned to you, or on your location.
 4. Hot Catalyst can be vacuumed directly into the PneuBulk 1 with                  temperatures up to 300F with the “Thermal Option” upgrade.
 5. No more fighting with super bags, warehouses, and multiple handling of the Catalyst.