Advantages vs. Silos

With conventional dedicated tanker trailers designed for one single mode, silos are required to receive the material at either end of the transport chain. With the “PneuBulk 1” this is no longer the case. This effectively lowers the capex requirement in order to commence projects.

Combined with commonly available chassis trailers, PneuBulk 1 builds a very cost effective case for a temporary road silo. Savings can also be realized in fuel, storage costs, and personnel.

Economic transport savings can be realized through increased use of rail transportation instead of road. Commercially operated Intermodal transfer points (railheads) are becoming more common so customers do not require their own rail terminals or require having full trainloads in order to benefit.

Driver controlled deliveries allow customers greater efficiency and control over driver’s time. PneuBulk 1 allows drivers to make deliveries during quiet times, where loads can be dropped in a few minutes, compared to queuing for discharge slots into silos and making journey's during peak traffic times.

PneuBulk 1 materials can be changed at short notice. Used as a road tanker, rail tanker or storage silo, PneuBulk 1 increases the effectiveness and geographical reach of your business.

 Technical Advantages

PneuBulk 1 comes with a number of signature design features providing operational advantages and economic savings.

ISO Containers Technical Features

The PneuBulk 1 is a patented design which has been developed through many years of pneumatic conveying experience and handling of abrasive powders across many industry applications.

The PneuBulk 1 uses dense phase conveying, which is the most efficient form of conveying, providing highest transfer rates with the least amount of energy and is also gentler on pipework and components compared to lean phase systems. PneuBulk 1 uses standard gravitational loading.

Top hatches allow for the quick filling by gravity or dustless loading shoots. Pneumatic loading options are available. Man lids are fitted on dished ends.  Allows safe and easy access for vacuuming between loads. Container has Integral Ladder and walkway that allow operators safe access to the top of the unit. The fluidization process is a departure from internal cones with an angle of repose which results in loss of payload. PneuBulk 1 has a flat fluidization bed which maximizes payloads

Flexible Weatherproof Storage - the PneuBulk 1 is designed to offer a range of flexible storage options when space is limited or other options are impractical.

PneuBulk 1 can act as temporary weatherproof storage at any area with hard standing. Purpose built storage silos / sheds are expensive to buy and erect, they require planning consent, which can be time consuming and provide little or no flexibility in the materials that they store. Silos can become blocked and require regular maintenance and cleaning.  Once projects finish, silos are often rendered redundant and require dismantling and disposal. PneuBulk 1 simply moves on to the next job.