PneuBulk 1A™

Built off of the “PneuBulk 1” base design, “PneuBulk 1A”™ has been specifically designed to provide storage, transportation, and logistics efficiencies for any bulk agricultural product.  All of this value is available through one innovative product.

PneuBulk 1A™

  • Provides inter-modal transportation and onsite storage in one weatherproof unit.

  • Gain manufacturing plant space by storing materials outside and pneumatically piping them in as needed.

  • Discharge materials under pneumatic pressure or vacuum as necessary.

  • Transport your materials by sea, road or rail without ever having to trans-load.

  • Specialized food grade coatings meet FDA requirements for human-grade materials transportation.

  • Maintain your product integrity from source to site.

  • Unlimited applications and advantages vs. pneumatic trailers.

  • Agri-Business Applications

  • Seed Storage and Logistics

  • Fertilizer Storage and Logistics

  • Grain Storage and Logistics

  • Meal Storage and Logistics

  • DDG’s Storage and Logistics