"Our goal is simple, we will provide a clear solution to the current logistics issues of on time product delivery plaguing the frac sand, construction, and general bulk materials industries. We will sell, rent, or lease our containers to allow our customers to take advantage of our unique process."

The PneuBulk 1 is the first ISO 9000 Bulk Pneumatic Container to be introduced into the United States that meets the ISO standards, and has been tested and approved by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) for U.S., Mexico, and Canadian intermodal use. The container's revolutionary design allows it to be moved from a truck, to a train, to a ship, all without the need for loading and unloading the products into different containers. The PneuBulk 1 is built to last with its rugged design and sturdy frame.

The flexibility of the PneuBulk 1 makes it adaptable to many different industries that deal in bulk powder, such as, Energy, Construction, and the Agriculture industries, and industries that deal with products that move via air systems, such as, Sawmill and Agrigate industries. The PneuBulk 1 has many different options that make is adaptable to what each industry needs. Pnuebulk 1 can cut down the need for lenghty blowpipe and pressurized hoppers in many industries. Fully compliant with U.S. Standards and Industry Safety Standards, the PneuBulk 1 features an internal pressurization and pneumatic load system, which allows products to be transported easily over long distances. PneuBulk 1 ISO Tanks are available for short or long term lease.